CICIND is an international Association for Industrial Construction, based on the structure of individual memberships. The Individuals can represent their Companies or their Employers or their Institutions.
A membership in CICIND can be reached by an Application and the consequential payment of the applicable membership fees.

It is expected that members should have an interest in either the Technology of Industrial Construction like chimneys, cooling towers, solar towers, silos. or related technical or commercial fields in the Civil Work of tall structures.
The rights and benefits of CICIND members are:

  • Receive for free the two periodicals CICIND REPORT per year, issued after the two annual CICIND conferences
  • Get for free most of CICIND Publications (Model Codes, Manuals, all past CICIND Reports, Research Reports).
  • Pay preferred prices for the only two CICIND Publications: Chimney Book, Technical Manual
  • Free access to all CICIND conferences with a special membership fee
  • Free access to join meetings of CICIND’s Technical Committees
  • Present Papers at CICIND conferences
  • Use CICIND as your reference in your Business

The Membership is based on a Calendar year’s period; it will be automatically renewed if not cancelled by the member or terminated by CICIND.

Every new member will receive the Statutes of the association, which form the basics, the regulations and principles of the Philosophy of CICIND and its operation.

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