CICIND was founded in 1973 in Paris, under the Presidency of Marius Diver of France. The need for such a body had been demonstrated at the first International Chimney Symposium, held in Edinburgh earlier that year. This symposium highlighted the contradictory requirements of the various National Codes governing the design of industrial chimneys as well as a lack of knowledge about the processes leading to accelerated deterioration of chimneys at that time.

Originally CICIND comprised a small, informal group of engineers who shared an interest in industrial chimneys. Membership was by invitation. In 1981, under the Presidency of Herman Bottenbruch of Germany, the organisation was formalised as an Association and expanded to be open to anyone interested in industrial chimneys, an annual subscription being charged.

By 1985, membership had grown to 86, representing chimney owners, builders, component suppliers, consultants and academicians from 20 countries worldwide. Statutes were agreed and the Association was registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Its annual budget had grown to 65000 Swiss Fr, which paid for a secretariat, research and publications. Since then, the membership has continued to grow, passing the 175 mark (from 32 countries) in 1997. It is now a mature, respected association, whose recommendations and model codes in the field of industrial chimneys are in daily use throughout the world.

In 2018 CICIND represents 190 members from 41 countries and is doing active research and development work in many fields in the civil construction. In May 2018, the NGA decided during the CICIND conference in Montreal to change the name as follows: 
(International Committee on Industrial Construction)
or abbreviated: 'CICIND'


  • Promote knowledge about industrial chimneys and other industrial civil work
  • Stimulate harmonisation of national design codes
  • Organise international meetings and conferences to discuss solutions to
    problems associated with industrial chimneys
  • Publish Model Codes and Technical Papers
  • Sponsor Research in Chimney Technology


CICIND is a private Association, comprising individual members and members representing companies and other organisations.

CICIND members represent chimney owners, builders, component suppliers, consultants and research institutes. Persons interested in Industrial Construction Engineering and/or in Civil Construction Business like Chimneys, Cooling Towers, Solar Towers, Silos, etc. are welcome in CICIND. In the case you want additional information or if you want to join CICIND, please mail to the Secretary your major coordinates:


General information about CICIND can be obtained from the website: www.cicind.org.


CICIND Meetings take place twice a year at various locations around the world. The spring meeting includes a Normal General Assembly and usually lasts two days. The autumn meeting is usually less formal and may last one to two days.


CICIND has edited approx. 780 Publications about Chimney Technology:

  • 15 Model Codes and Technical Manuals
  • 3 Books and
  • 750 Proceedings and Reprints presented at Conferences/Meetings
  • 12 Research Report about Technical Issues related to Industrial Chimneys

"CICIND REPORT" - Published twice per year, with CICIND news and technical papers"presented at ClClND's spring and autumn meetings.

  • Model Code for Concrete Chimneys - Part A; The Shell
  • Model Code for Concrete Chimneys - Part B; Brickwork Linings
  • Model Code for Concrete Chimneys - Part C; Steel Liners
  • Model Code for GRP/FRP Chimneys, Rev. 1 – Sept. 2018 and Commentaries, Sept. 2018
  • Model Code for Steel Chimneys
  • A Customer's Guide to Specifying Chimneys
  • Manual for the maintenance and inspection of brickwork and concrete chimneys
  • Quality System for Industrial Chimneys
  • Manual on Chimney Protective Coatings
  • Model for Thermodynamic Design of Chimneys and Chimney Liners
  • Manual for Expansion Joints and Chimney Seals
  • Metallic Materials Manual
  • CICIND Chimney Book (450 pages by 18 experts)
  • CICIND History Book, the history of 40 years of the association CICIND
  • Technical Manual for Industrial Chimneys: 40 Chapters by 40 CICIND Expert


CICIND documents are presented to the best of the knowledge of members as a guide only. CICIND is not, nor are any of its members, to be held responsible for any failure alleged or proved to be due to adherence to recommendations, or acceptance of information published by the Association in a Model Code or other publication or in any other way.